Liberty, Limited Government, Individual Responsibility, Fiscal Accountability, and Equality of Opportunity

This statement (click on link) of our principles was adopted at Convention in 2010 and has been re-adopted at the 2012 & 2014 State Conventions. It is a statement that every Party member and every Republican candidate can affirm. Each elected official or candidate’s policy positions reflect their constituencies, plans, and conscience, in alignment with these principles. The Platform and Principles are debated by elected District representatives in Standing Committee, then affirmed or amended at State Convention, in election-years, by delegates elected from the Precincts. To vote on the 2016 Platform join the Party (you must also be a registered voter in Hawaii), attend your local precinct caucus meeting in late January or early February, and stand for election as a delegate to Convention. You may direct comments or suggestions via e-correspondence to the Standing Committee c/o info@gophawaii.com. You may also contact your District Committee chair to communicate with your District’s Platform representative. In the event your District has not elected a Platform Committee representative and you are interested, ask your District Chair to consider you for appointment, and subsequent election, as your District’s Platform Committee representative.