GOP Strongest in 80 Years !

countymaprb512RealClearPolitics declares (link below) the Republican Party of the United States at its strongest since 1928.

We hold majorities in the US House and Senate, and, on January 20, 2017, the Presidency.  Republican elected leaders also hold majorities in both houses in 22 States’ legislatures, and 31 States have Republican governors.  Overall, Republicans control 37 state senates while the democrats have 13. The GOP has a 31-18 advantage in state houses.  For 2018 the rotating one-third of Senate seats next to be chosen will mean Democrats will have to defend far more seats than Republicans will, and 8 of those will be in States with majorities for Donald Trump, so the prospect of further strength in the US Senate is promising.

President-elect Donald Trump won approximately 2,600 counties to Clinton’s 500. The map of the United States is now mostly ‘red’ indicating Republican victories in the Presidential contest.  Only the urban centers, the old-South cotton lands, New England, Northern Minnesota, the Pacific coast, and some Western reservation lands, with Hawaii, voted majorities for the opposing Party’s Presidential candidate.

Hawaii is one of only 8 states with a Democrat-controlled State government, and one of only 4 (Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii) with Democrats also filling their US Congressional delegation.  With the United States Congress and Presidency now Republican our very junior Hawaii Congressional delegation is at its weakest and least influential since Statehood.  This does not bode well for Hawaii.

Party caucus meetings in all 51 Hawaii Districts, open to all Party members, were February and March to elect local precinct and district officers and to choose delegates for further leadership votes. The delegates, including those appointed after the elections, convene for County officer elections in March, and at State Convention in May on Kauai to elect Hawaii Republican Party leaders and approve any proposed rules changes.  To become a delegate or alternate to State Convention on Kauai, contact your Precinct President or District Chair (Honolulu officers list:;  Neighbor Island officers: before the final May 3rd deadline.  Ask for a discretionary appointment:  most delegations have openings.

Many of our 33,000 Hawaii Party members are not yet card-carrying dues-paying members, yet the Party needs funds for regular operations. A larger number of small, regular donors will cover regular expenses and enable Party leadership to focus efforts on candidate recruitment and support.

You can become a regular donor

Member donations of at least $10.00 will qualify you as a dues-paid, contributing Republican.

You can also become a Party Precinct, District, County or State leader or just become more active in your neighborhood.

E-mail to, or call 593-8180, to find out how you can lend a hand to help Hawaii Republicans win in 2018!