The Hawai`i Republican Party Platform

Preamble: The strength of Hawai’i lies within individuals and their families; Constitutional freedoms empower the people to meet current and future challenges.

•Freedom to pursue inherent American guarantees of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness,
•Freedom secured by the rule of law, not by arbitrary judicial or executive decrees, provides all Americans an equal choice to pursue a productive and meaningful life.

Limited Government
• Government exists to protect our God-given rights, defend our sovereignty and borders, and provide infrastructure for the common good.
• The government that governs least, based on the Constitution, governs best.
• Government, at any level, should not perform functions which are better and less expensively performed by individuals or private organizations.
• Government enforces laws that allow for a prosperous free market; it does not compete with nor over-regulate the free market.

Individual Responsibility
• Each person is responsible and accountable for the consequences of their actions.
• We embrace the opportunity to help those in need.

Fiscal Accountability
• Government is responsible to balance the budget by eliminating waste
and reducing spending before raising taxes.
• Before any law or regulation is enacted, the economic impact should be calculated fairly
and disclosed publicly.
• Government should not burden future generations with excessive debt.

Equality Of Opportunity
• Each individual has the opportunity to achieve, without any guarantee for a particular outcome.
• As Americans, we believe individuals are limited only by their vision, abilities, intellect,
and personal ambitions.

Epilogue: We believe America is exceptional. We believe all our greatest accomplishments are achieved by men and women free to live their own lives and pursue their own dreams.

 Summary List of the Hawai`i Republican Party’s Resolutions

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Human Life

  • HRP believes human life begins at fertilization and ends at natural death, and that throughout this timespan he or she has rights including the right to life
  • HRP believes our government must do everything it can to protect innocent human life from fertilization to natural death

Pregnancy Resource Centers

  • HRP supports pregnancy resource centers as institutions empowering women to be individually responsible for their life choices
  • HRP supports pregnancy resource centers for providing pregnant women with the resources necessary to meet any hardships they may face


The Jones Act

  • HRP supports repealing the Jones Act, or the passage of an amendment that exempts Hawaii from the Jones Act
    • The Jones Act is a current federal law that regulates interstate maritime transportation between U.S. ports
  • Studies show the Jones Act restricts competition in the shipping industry and causes higher consumer prices, particularly in Hawaii
  • Studies further show the Jones Act has caused near-monopoly shipping conditions for maritime commerce to and from the State of Hawaii

Small Business

  • HRP supports small businesses, as they create the bulk of new jobs for our communities and greatly benefit the State’s economy
  • HRP supports the right of any individual, regardless of race, color, religion, or socioeconomic background, to establish a small business and provide a living for his or her family

Energy Policy

  • HRP supports U.S. economic development and worldwide competitiveness, supports nuclear power, the U.S. coal and oil industries, fracking for natural gas, and the Keystone Pipeline, and rejects a carbon tax and related devices
  • Carbon taxes, increased regulations, shutting down the coal industry, and political funding of uneconomical renewable energy programs, hinder economic growth and development of less polluting technologies, and place the U.S. at an economic and strategic disadvantage in a dangerous world since other, far more polluting nations will not join us
  • The causes of the earth’s climate and temperature variations are complex, only partially understood, and dependent on many factors beyond human control and the pertinent scientific models are correspondingly complex


Victim’s Rights

  • HRP supports full implementation of resources and services available to victims of crime in Hawaii
  • Justice systems in the United States should ensure that services are available for all victims of crime, including victims from under-served communities

Human Trafficking & Slavery

  • Hawaii has an obligation to exercise due diligence to prevent trafficking in persons, to investigate and punish perpetrators, and to have stricter enforcement by police of present laws without physical interaction with victims of sex trafficking
  • Hawaii Republicans support a Safe Harbor Bill to allow juvenile victims to be helped away from traffickers and not have records of arrest, assisted by federal law enforcement in cases of interstate trafficking
  • That slavers, pimps and others associated with the crime of trafficking be punished severely

Housing Hawaii Inmates in Private Mainland Prisons

  • HRP supports housing Hawaii inmates in private mainland prisons
    • HRP believes this is fiscally responsible and is the very best for overall safety of Hawaii’s communities
  • Private prisons on the mainland provide cognitive and behavioral rehabilitative programs, education, and vocational training to Hawai`i inmates
  • Programming in Hawai`i’s correctional facilities is limited and very often not available due to inefficient allocation of funds
  • Hawai`i correctional facilities are triple-bunking, basic needs of an offender are barely being met, there have been documented problems with providing adequate meals, and emergency release of inmates is being considered


Common Core (CCSS)

  • HRP opposes Common Core and any “one size fits all” approach to education
  • Common Core stresses the lowest common denominator, punishes achievement, forces all students to conform to government standards, has been evaluated as mediocre at best, and is based on questionable educational philosophies
  • Common Core math puts our keiki approximately one year behind their competitors by the end of elementary school and approximately two years behind our international competitors and high achieving countries by the end of High School
  • HRP supports providing broad education choices to parents and children developed on the State and local level

Sex Education Standards

  • HRP opposes “Making Proud Choices” and “Pono Choices” sexual education programs
  • Common Core’s “Making Proud Choices” program sexualizes school children by pushing a sexual rights ideology using the National Sexuality Education Standards which promotes the institutionalization of comprehensive sex education which is often medically inaccurate, age inappropriate, pornographic in nature, and normalizes risky sexual behaviors
    • Hawaii’s “Pono Choices” program is a derivative of “Making Proud Choices”
  • HRP urges the DOE/BOE to stop teaching Pono Choices, and instead implement an abstinence-based program known as “Sexual Risk Avoidance” to provide a viable alternative to the present comprehensive based sexual education programs

Early Childhood Education

  • HRP opposes any taxpayer funds being allocated to early childhood education programs in Hawaii
  • HRP opposes all constitutional amendments to allow government intervention in private school curricula, as a result of taxpayer funds being used to attend the private school


Scope of Government

  • HRP supports a limited government that lives within its means and does not infringe upon the liberty of the people
  • Limited government translates to stronger social structures and institutions on the local level, such as the family, houses of worship, community, and volunteer associations
  • HRP calls for increased vigilance on the part of our legislators and the public to the threat of over-regulation, overspending, and over-taxation in limiting our LibertyIndividual Responsibility, and Equality of Opportunity


Right to Work

  • Individual have a right to work, and supports voluntary union membership
  • HRP opposes forcing workers to join unions
  • HRP supports right-to-work legislation in every state
  • HRP supports periodic, independent audits of union finances to ensure that no funds are used in violation of state or federal laws

Card Check and Secret Ballot

  • HRP opposes the concept of “card check” as it violates a person’s liberty
  • Card check would replace secret balloting in the selection of a union, the replacement of a union by another union, or the rejection of union representation, and workers could face harassment and pressure
  • HRP supports the use of secret ballots
  • Requiring secret ballots protects workers by enabling individuals to vote their conscience without fear of reprisal
  • Requiring a secret ballot election gives workers time to hear and reflect on the arguments made by both sides and then cast an informed vote


Memorial Day & Our Veterans

  • HRP supports our veterans and pays respects to those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for our country

Armed Forces

  • HRP honors members of our armed forces

Veteran’s Affairs

  • HRP urges the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to investigate the reports of negligence in the VA system, the circumstances surrounding them, and the timely and adequate care for our veterans
  • HRP believes that immediate action be taken to ensure our Veterans receive proper and swift remedies to supply the necessary and appropriate medical and psychological treatment, and to hold accountable any and all who presided over this unethical and alarming mismanagement of care
  • HRP supports the immediate passing of H.R. 241 Veterans Timely Access to Health Care Act (Introduced in House 01/14/2013) Directing the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to ensure that the standard for access to care for a veteran seeking hospital care and medical services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is 30 days from the date the veteran contacts the VA; Directs the Secretary to periodically review the performance of VA medical facilities in meeting such standards; and Requires quarterly reports from the Secretary to the congressional veterans’ committees on the VA’s experience with respect to appointment waiting times



  • HRP opposes the Rail Transit project, on the grounds that the cost of its construction and operation will exceed any income generated from its riders, and that it will negatively impact the private property of many Oahu residents
  • The current Rail solution is costly, inflexible, and offers limited access and service areas
  • Rail will be an ugly and noisy eyesore for visitors to our islands
  • Rail will be a single point of failure of mobility in the event of a breakdown, natural disaster, or terrorist attack that affects the system
  • HRP supports the following improvements to The Bus system:
    • Increase the number of buses and frequency of service
    • Increase funding of the bus system which can be transferred from the rail budget
    • Provide Wi-Fi on the bus since it has seating for more passengers
    • Complete plans for the westbound zipper lane
    • Build underpass lanes in critical areas to expedite left turns
    • Delay building the rail until it is proven to be cost effective

Akaka Bill

  • HRP opposes the Akaka Bill in any form
  • The bill trades away individual liberty in exchange for government grants and favors
  • The bill denigrates the principles of individual responsibility
  • The bill creates unequal opportunities, fiefdoms of favoritism, and artificial barriers to our citizens
  • The bill robs Hawaiians of liberty and equal opportunity


Freedom of Religion

  • HRP supports the freedom of religion as it is written in the First Amendment
  • HRP believes religion needs protection from the state, and that freedom of religion does not include freedom from religion
  • HRP calls upon the heads of the state and the nation to uphold the First Amendment and to reject measures that restrict or belittle religion and the practice thereof

Religious Liberty

  • HRP stands for religious liberty, conscience protections for individuals, organizations and institutions, and the right to peaceful assembly in public
  • HRP encourages the legislature to pass a Religious Liberty Restoration Act to reinstate religious liberty and conscience protections for all individuals, organizations and institutions
  • HRP believes religious symbols, speech, and other First Amendment rights including proselytizing in the public square must be protected
  • No “hate” crime measures should be passed in the legislature since a person’s thoughts or speech does not make the crime any more or less egregious, and that corrective measure to reinstitute the concept that all men and women are equal before the law should be reaffirmed
  • Free speech will be protected and not limited by speech codes, free speech zones or constrained in areas protected by the Secret Service
  • Taxpayer funding for biased media outlets such as NPR should be discontinued


Second Amendment

  • HRP supports and defends an individual’s right to bear arms
  • HRP opposes any infringement on this constitutional right
  • The right to protect one’s family and property is paramount as an American

Right to Carry

  • HRP believes law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment
  • HRP supports any legislature to ensure the right to bear arms is protected and preserved 


Income Taxes

  • State taxes on groceries, medicine, and medical services should be eliminated
  • Eliminate the Transient Accommodation Tax for residents possessing relevant permits who rent part of their own dwelling place to visitors
  • Taxes on estates should be eliminated
  • Lower tax on interest, dividends, and capital gains
  • Federal and state income taxes should be simplified, with a lower tax rate that applies to more people

New Taxes

  • HRP opposes new taxes and fee increases
  • HRP believes lower taxes on business allows them to keep more profits and grow, necessitating the hiring of more people
  • HRP believes lower taxes on individuals allows them to invest and spend more
  • Individuals spending money drives business to greater profit, continuing the positive economic cycle derived from lower taxes



Resolution on Illegal Immigration and Citizen’s Welfare

Whereas, Hawai’i is a state protected by the U. S. Constitution and abides by its laws through representative government; and

Whereas, there are immigration laws that must be enforced just as all other laws are followed to protect our citizens and to ensure fair and equal treatment of all individuals under the law; and

Whereas, the State of Hawaii legislators have proposed Hawai’i to become a “sanctuary state” for those who are in our country through either illegal entry or overstaying their authorized visits; and

Whereas, the Attorney General has warned entities that have classified themselves as “sanctuaries” that if they don’t comply with federal immigration law they risk losing federal grant funds; and

Whereas, increased taxes and fees to support the added costs for social services and entitlements given to those in our state unlawfully are driving more and more of our local residents into homelessness; and

Whereas, accurate vetting of immigrants is necessary for the safety and protection of current residents, it is understandable, and the President is in full authority to pause immigration where vetting of immigrants takes additional time; and

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Hawai`i Republican Party in convention at Lihue, Hawai`i, May 13, 2017, urges our state policy makers and law enforcement to cooperate with federal agencies to enforce immigration law;

Therefore, be it further resolved that the Hawai’i Republican Party supports President Trump’s call for a temporary pause in immigration from locations that have difficulty vetting of immigrants and refugees; and

Therefore, be it further resolved, that copies of this resolution be posted on the Hawai`i Republican Party website, transmitted to the Governor and Attorney General of the State of Hawaii; members of the Hawaii State Legislature and the Mayors of all Hawaii Counties.



Resolution on Threats to Pregnancy Resource Centers

Whereas Hawaii’s Republicans believe in the value of individual responsibility and embrace the opportunity to help those in need;

Whereas Hawaii has pregnancy resource centers on five islands to meet the comprehensive physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of women and men facing unplanned pregnancies;

Whereas pregnancy resource centers offer women in economic hardship free pregnancy tests, counseling, and childbirth and parenting classes they could not otherwise afford;

Whereas many pregnancy resource centers offer ultrasound and adoption services to pregnant mothers;

Whereas pregnancy resource centers encourage women to make positive life choices by equipping them with complete and accurate information regarding their pregnancy options and the development of their preborn child;

Whereas pregnancy resource centers ensure that women are receiving prenatal information and services that lead to the birth of healthy newborn infants;

Whereas pregnancy resource centers provide women with compassionate and confidential counsel in a non-judgmental manner regardless of their pregnancy outcomes and also provides much needed post-abortion counseling;

Whereas the freedom to continue serving women and girls is under attack by SB 50 l, CD1 in the Hawaii legislature that seeks to force these pregnancy resource centers to advertise for abortion (under the guise of reproductive services) thereby compelling speech that is contrary to their mission;

Whereas testimony in favor of such bill slandered pregnancy resource centers with allegations of lying to women;

Whereas the Hawaii Democrat Party supports abortion as an integral part of “reproductive health”, any move by its legislators against these centers is evidence of their deep animosity which calls into question their motivation to pass such a law;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Hawai`i Republican Party in convention at Lihue, Hawai`i, May 13, 2017, condemns this Bill and urges Governor Ige to veto it.

Therefore, be it further resolved, that the legislators who voted against SB 501, CD 1, be commended, and that copies of this resolution sent to Governor Ige and to Hawai`i elected officials, be posted on the Hawai`i Republican Party website, distributed to the pregnancy resource centers, and provided to the media for public dissemination.

Senator Mike Gabbard
Senator Breene Harimoto
Senator Gil Riviere

Rep. Henry Aquino
Rep. Romy Cachola
Rep. Ty Cullen
Rep. Sharon Har
Rep. Sam Kong
Rep. Lauren Matsumoto
Rep. Bob McDermott
Rep. Marcus Oshiro
Rep. Calvin Say
Rep. James Tokioka
Rep. Andria Tupola
Rep. Gene Ward



Resolution Condemning Hawaii Democratic Party’s Failed Policies

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies have effectively been Hawaii’s government policies for over 60 years;

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies cause more than half of Hawaii residents to live paycheck to paycheck (Hawaii News Now); and

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies cause Hawaii to have the 2nd highest tax burden in entire USA (Honolulu Star Advertiser); and

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies cause Hawaii to have the highest cost of living in the country (CNBC); and

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies cause people of Hawaii to have the 5th lowest wages in the country and 5 out of 6 new jobs to pay poverty wages (Bureau of Labor Statistics and State of Hawaii Department of Labor); and

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies caused Hawaii to be the worst state to make a living 6 years in the row (; and

Whereas Hawaii Democrat Party policies cause Hawaii rents and housing prices to be the highest in the country (Civil Beat, Pacific Business News);

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Hawai`i Republican Party in convention at Lihue, Hawai`i, May 13, 2017, urges all Republicans to submit NO MORE to this abuse of power by this 62 year old, one-party monopoly rule;

and be it further resolved that all Republicans educate fellow citizens on how these failed policies are harming them;

and be it further resolved that all Republicans persuade their fellow citizens to vote Republican in 2018.

Therefore, be it further resolved, that copies of this resolution be distributed to Party members, be posted on the Hawai`i Republican Party website, be sent to Hawai`i elected officials, and be provided to news media for public dissemination.


Calling an Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments to Rein in the Federal Government

Whereas, the Framers of our Constitution empowered citizens, working through State Legislatures, to be guardians of liberty against future abuses of power by the federal government, and

Whereas, the federal government has invaded the legitimate roles of the states through the manipulative process of federal mandates, many of which are unfunded to a great extent, and

Whereas, the concentration of power at the federal level has had the effect of making federal officials less responsive to the will of the people and more readily influenced by lobbyists, wealthy corporations, and special interests in Washington, D.C., and

Whereas, the federal government has created a crushing national debt through improper and imprudent spending that threatens our security and well-being for generations to come, and

Whereas, much of federal law is now enacted by federal bureaucrats who were never chosen by the people and have no accountability to the people, and

Whereas, policy decisions made at the state level tend to be more responsive to the needs and desires of the people, and

Whereas, the States have the ability to restore the responsiveness of government to the people and to restrain abuses of federal power by proposing Amendments to the Constitution of the United States through a limited convention for proposing amendments as specified under Article V.

Therefore, be it resolved, that at convention on May 13, 2017 at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort, island of Kauai, the Hawaii Republican Party supports efforts to call for a Convention for Proposing Amendments as authorized in Article V of the U. S. Constitution in which all 50 States may gather to propose, debate, and approve for ratification, amendments that 1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, 2) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and 3) establish terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

Be it further resolved the Hawaii Republican Party supports this continuing resolution in accordance with Article V of the Constitution of the United States until such time that the legislatures of at least two-thirds of the several states (34) have passed resolutions on the same subject.



MAY 13, 2017

Whereas Republican Party member H. William “Bill” Burgess, creator of the “Aloha for All” equal justice movement for all Hawaii’s citizens, has passed away at the age of 87;
And Whereas, after the United States Supreme Court opened OHA elections to all Hawaii citizens, Bill Burgess traveled to Washington DC twelve times, at his own expense, to call on members of Congress,
And Whereas, as a result, the entire Congress became aware of the effect the Akaka bill would have on the equal rights of all Hawaii’s citizens and deferred the bill indefinitely;
And Whereas a vital result of Bill Burgess initiative and persistence is to allow Hawaii’s citizens to debate and decide on issues of sovereignty without the heavy hand of the Federal government dictating a result;
And Whereas Bill Burgess and his wife Sandra Burgess have served and supported the Hawaii Republican Party as delegates, as substantial donors, and as representing our concerns for equality and liberty for Hawaii;
Therefore be it resolved that the 2017 State Convention of the Hawaii Republican Party hereby commemorates and honors the life and service of H. William “Bill” Burgess,
And directs that this Resolution be posted on the Hawaii Republican Party website and distributed to all Hawaii elected officials, to Republican Party officers and members in Party communications, and to the public by press release.



MAY 13, 2017
Whereas George Kekuna was a respected member of the Mililani community and a long time senior leader in the Hawaii Republican Party, and
Whereas George was born 24 September 1931, in Hilo, Hawaii, of local ancestry, graduated from Punahou School (1948), Chaminade University, and Central Michigan University, and
Whereas George, in more than 29 years in the US Air Force earned pilot wings in June, 1959, served in helicopter rescue and as a staff officer, and retired in 1981,
And Whereas George was Deputy Director Designate, Oahu Civil Defense, Executive Assistant, Office of the Mayor of Honolulu, and Deputy Director, Department of Auditoriums, and
Whereas George, and his wife Helen Kekuna, had four children, Denise, Debra, Betty, and George, Jr., five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, and
Whereas in his retirement years George worked diligently and inspirationally in the Hawaii Republican Party in many roles, including Honolulu County Chair, State Treasurer, State Credentials Chair, and Mililani District Chair, and
Whereas George was well known in the Republican Party for his intellect and for plain hard work for the Party,
Therefore, be it resolved that the 2017 State Convention of the Hawaii Republican Party hereby commemorates and honors the life and service of GEORGE LULU’UPAOKAUIKAWEKIU KEKUNA,
And directs that this Resolution be posted on the Hawaii Republican Party website and distributed to all Hawaii elected officials, to Republican Party officers and members in Party communications, and to the public by press release.



MAY 13, 2017

Whereas former Hawaii State Representative Mark Moses served District 42 Makakilo, Kapolei, and Hanohano Hale for five terms, from 1996 to 2006, with distinction and effectiveness;
And Whereas Representative Mark Moses served his community for decades on school councils, Neighborhood Board, many service organizations, and in Metropolitan Planning for the new city of Kapolei, and was in large part responsible for the success of the new city of Kapolei;
And Whereas Representative Mark Moses served the Hawaii Republican Party for many years as a diligent and contributing member of the State Committee as District 42 Chair and as Issues, Programs and Platform Standing Committee Chair, issuing our Party’s principles of Liberty, Limited Government, Individual Responsibility, Financial Accountability, and Equal Opportunity;
And Whereas Representative Mark Moses served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps, retiring at the rank of Major, and as Director of the Hawaii State Office of Veterans Services under Governor Linda Lingle, and as loving husband to his wife, Suk Moses, and as dedicated father of six;
Therefore be it resolved that the 2017 State Convention of the Hawaii Republican Party hereby commemorates and honors the life and service of Representative Mark Moses;
And directs that this Resolution be distributed to all Hawaii elected officials, to Republican Party officers and members in Party communications, and to the public by press release.