Standing Committees

Each District elects a representative to each of the two Standing Committees, in the odd-numbered year, for a two year term.  The Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Standing Committees are appointed by the State Chair with the consent of the State Committee.

Rules Committee meets in odd-numbered years to confer on possible beneficial rule changes. Their report is provided to the Convention for consideration, debate, and action. The Standing Committee Chair also considers challenges to elections, or to other actions taken by Party officers or committees.

Issues, Programs, and Platform Committee has in the past met in the few months before the election-year State Convention to propose changes to the Party Platform.  In every Convention year it also receives, reviews, and forwards Resolutions offered for the Conention delegates to consider, with its recommendation.

New Programs, Issues groups, and other activities are also the kuleana of the Issues, Programs and Platform Committee year round.  Two Vice-Chairs, along with the Chair, are appointed by the Party Chair, ratified by the State Committee, and work with the committee and its subcommittees.